One of the best things about switching from smoking to vaping is the choice of flavours now available to you. If you get your e liquid flavour and nicotine strength correct, the chances of staying off smoking is very high indeed.


What Is An E Liquid?

E liquid is also known as e juice, vape juice, or e cig fluid – whatever the name, your e liquid contains your nicotine base and your flavour. Your device and coil heats the liquid to the point that it becomes a vapour and can be inhaled.


E Liquid Ingredients

E liquid is made up of only 4 main ingredients and all have to be tested and notified by/with the MHRA for sale in the UK. If you buy from a reputable company you know that what you are inhaling has been certified as safe for consumption.


Ingredients Explained:
Vegetable Gycerin (VG) – in short, this ingredient creates the vapour.
Propylene Glycol (PG) – in short, this ingredient carries the flavour and ‘throat hit.

Flavourings and Nicotine (if you choose a nicotine containing liquid)

Nicotine is the only part of the liquid that can be remotely considered ‘toxic’, all others are ingredients commonly used as additives


E Liquid Choices

When you see an e liquid listed as say PG 70, VG 30 – it means simply that the liquid is made of 70% blend of PG and the remainder is 30% VG – alongside flavourings and nicotine.

You may see different variations of this PG:VG base ratio. As a rule of thumb, a liquid high in PG base = bigger throat hit and flavour, a liquid high in VG = smoother with more clouds (typically used by vapers who use higher powered devices or who may have an intolerance to PG).


Vapour Not Smoke

Don’t be confused between smoke and vapour. Smoke is a by product of burning, which exits when you combust a cigarette. What you see being produced by an e cigarette is vapour, which is created when the e liquid is heated to a certain temperature. Think of it like steam being created when water is boiled, and it’s this vapour that you inhale.

The vapour from e cigarettes is not harmful to health in the way that second hand smoke is. E-cigarette vapour does not cause harm to bystanders

E cigarettes only heat the e liquid rather than burning anything, so the particularly dangerous parts of cigarette smoke are absent. In a tobacco cigarette, it’s the tar (and other chemicals) that are produced when combusted that are extremelly harmful to your health.

E cigarettes, however, are completely tar-free and are never combusted, which is why Public Health England is confident in calling them 95% safer than smoking.