What is Vaping?

NHS and public health England are advocating E-cigarettes. That is because switching to e-cigarettes reduces the levels of toxins exponentially than for those that continue to smoke regular cigarettes. Public Health England stated on 19th February 2019 that vaping is “95% less harmful to health than smoking.” Public health England also stated that vaping has helped many people successfully quit smoking altogether. 

Vaping Devices 

Switching to vaping from a regular cigarette is a tedious process. For that purpose, Vape Cargo has put together some simple devices that make the transition easier. 

E-cigarettes or vaping is an uncommon yet broad term and generates different understandings according to its audience. To the general public, it is most likely “cig-a-like.” To someone who just made the switch and found out about the vaping world, an e-cigarette is like a vape pen (similar to One Kit). Don’t be alarmed though! The aim of an e-cigarette is the same regardless of its inner mechanisms or the terms it is referred to. 

Cig-a-Like: a compact and discreet vape. It was one of the first e-cigarettes meant to mimic the feel, look and action of a regular cigarette.

Pod System: pod systems come with a pre-filled e-liquid and are hassle-free in terms of filling the tank or changing the coils. 

Mouth to Lung: the go-to choice for people switching from smoking to vaping. The One Kit is user friendly and easy to carry. The MTL devices are an excellent combination of battery life and size to have at hand all day long.

Sub-ohm: if you want more power, flavour and vapour, this is the e-cigarette for you. They are designed for the more experienced vapers as the device is larger and has numerous adjustable settings.

Why Switch To Vaping?

If you’re trying to break your habit of smoking, e-cigarettes are an excellent step towards that. Below we have highlighted some benefits of vaping:

Cigarettes Are Laden With Chemicals and Toxins

Butane. Arsenic. Tar. Carbon monoxide. These are some of the chemicals that are present in manufactured tobacco cigarettes. E-cigarettes contain E-Liquids that are made from non-toxic propylene glycol or vegetable glycerine, nicotine (in various strengths or none at all) and flavourings.

Cut Back on Spending Money!

Cigarettes are not cheap. A single pack of 20 cigarettes costs roughly £10-£15. On the other hand, a 10ml bottle of e-liquid vaped with a device (like the One Kit) serves longer than a packet of cigarettes. It’s inexpensive as prices start at £3.99.

Indulge In New Flavours

E liquids have a wide range of flavours and nicotine strengths. Check our website to see the flavours we stock. 

How to Start Vaping?

1. Start by Select Your Vape Kit

If this is your first time vaping, we suggest you start with a “starter” kit. These kits come with all the components you need and are easy to assemble for rookies. Starter kits come with a pen style e-cigarette and a tank to hold your e-liquid. 

2. Choose an E-Liquid Flavour

Please visit the Vape Cargo website to browse through our collection of e liquids from tobacco, to menthol to fruits and desserts. 

3. Choose Your Nicotine Strength

Based on your cigarette consumption, you can vary your nicotine strength and gradually decrease it to help quit smoking altogether. For perspective, a 10-a-day smoker would need 6 mg of nicotine e-liquid, a 15-a-day smoker would need 12 mg and a 20 plus cigs a day would need 18mg. 

How Do Vape Kits Work?

A single Electronic cigarette has two components:

  • A battery
  • An e-liquid tank

Battery Safety Information

Please refer to our battery safety page for an in-depth guide on battery safety. Please ensure that you use the required charger for your battery and none other. 

Understanding Vape Kits

Vape kits come in various shapes and sizes. They are the device that is used to turn the e-liquid to vapour. For simplicity, vape kits fall into two categories:

  • Mouth to Lung: also known as starter kits. They use high propylene glycol e-liquid. They are pen-shaped and easy to use
  • Sub-Ohm: sub-ohm relates to the resistance of the coil (the heating element) being less than 1 ohm. This leads to direct lung inhalation, very similar to how a shisha or cigar works. It is operated by powerful batteries and has a high level of vapour. They use high-quality Vegetable Glycerine as an e-liquid. 

Understanding E-Liquid

Vape Cargo realizes that for an excellent vaping experience, the E-liquid needs to be of premium quality. Therefore, Vape Cargo offers e-liquids from brands that only use ingredients that are of high quality and reliably sourced.

Most e-liquids are made up of four main ingredients namely Propylene Glycol (PG), Vegetable Glycerine (VG), Flavourings and Nicotine (optional with varying strengths).

Propylene Glycol: Propylene Glycol (PG) is an artificial mixing agent. It is also used in various food and medicinal products such as body creams, ointments, cosmetics and asthma inhalers.  It is non-toxic and therefore safe for human consumption. PG is odourless when heated. When mixed with nicotine, it provides quite a “throat hit.” If you prefer a strong flavour and a high nicotine throat hit, we recommend a high PG based e-liquid. 

Vegetable Glycerine: this is a derivative of vegetable oil and is therefore very safe for consumption. It thickens the e-liquids consistency that helps create denser vapour clouds often related to “sub-ohm vaping.”

VG is a natural mixing agent. It controls the amount of vapour produced within an e-liquid. It too is used in common foods such as cheese, grains, processed vegetables and baked goods. 

Varieties of E Liquids

E liquids vary in variety to be used with different devices. Every variety offers a different feel and sensation according to your vape preference. 

Starter E-liquid: this e-liquid has a higher ratio of PG than VG. It used in most starter kits. 

Sub-Ohm Liquid: this is a higher VG oriented e-liquid. It is more suited for the mouth-to-lung style of vape. It has higher vapour production and better flavouring. 

Short Fill E-liquid: this contains a 1:1 of VG and PG. This E-liquid can be used in all types of e-cigarettes. The balanced ratio also means that these e liquids are perfect for mouth to lung kits.

Salt Nic E-liquid: these e liquids deliver nicotine to the bloodstream faster than regular e-cigarettes owing to a more satisfying user experience. They are commonly preferred by pod style and mouth to lung kits. 

Helpful Tips

Giving up on your nicotine fix is not an easy task. We have made a list of tips and suggestions that will help you make the switch and help you become smoke-free eventually.

Your Plan

There are various ways that one can control or stop smoking. Nicotine patches and gums, to name a few. E-cigarettes or Vaping have been known to show effective results. Studies report that vaping helps smokers quit twice as likely as conventional methods. 

Once you have decided that vape is your pathway to quit smoking, it is important to pick a date to switch towards your smoke-free journey. Please purchase a good quality starter kit along with e liquids, tanks and coils. Visit our website or contact us, a representative, will guide you on how to take the first step towards vaping and your smoke-free journey.

Family and Friends

A little support goes a long way. Surround yourself with family and friends that check up on you and hold you accountable. Support circles are an excellent source of motivation.

Know Your Weakness

Every smoker has triggers. It is best to know your own and write them down. If you are tempted to light up a cigarette outside your local bar, after a meal or the first thing in the morning, make sure to have a distraction to stop yourself from smoking. It takes 21 days to build a habit. Avoiding these situations in the first few weeks will ensure that you don’t start smoking again. 

Don’t Quit

Nicotine is addictive, there is no denying that. Smoking is even more so. Some people can quit smoking overnight while others struggle to commit. Both journeys are valid and realistic. Don’t quit!