Our sweet and ripe berries will give you the bubbles!

Sting Cherry

This cherry will definitely sting your taste buds!

Cherry Cola

A crisp taste of Cola with a dash of flavoursome cherries!


Cola soda… nothing tastes better than this original!

Cream Soda

Fizz, soda, and a creamy exhale… what more do you need?

Dandilion & Burdoch 

A unique taste that will tickle your taste buds!


 Blast through the roof with this Energy vape!

Fruit Punch

A combination of your favourite summer fruits turned into a fizzy punch!

Green Apple 

Imagine fresh green sparkling apples… in a vape!


Bubbly, fizzy fresh lemonade!


Orange Soda… it will definitely tickle your taste buds making you want more!

Orange Bru

Its orange, fizzy with a slight hint of bubble gum.

Pink Lemonade 

It’s Pink, it’s fizzy, it’s lemonade in a vape!


A blend of exotic fruits, with a punch of bubbles.


A delicious mix of fizzy grapes, raspberries and blackcurrants.