Lemonade Ice

Lemonade and ice, perfect for a hot day!

Blackcurrant Ice

Mouth-watering blackcurrants with an ice exhale.

Blue Menthol Ice

Cherry Ice

Seasonal cherries, perfect on a hot summers’ day!

Lemon Ice Tea

Fresh Lemons, tea and crushed ice… making you crave more.

Mango Ice

Fresh, sweet and ripe mango with that ice hit!

Mint Ice Tea

Looking for a super cold vape? Look no further, Mint Ice Tea will give you goose bumps!

Mixed Berries Ice

All your favourite berries mixed to perfection with a dash of ice!

Orange Ice

Icy orange because why not?

Peach Ice Tea

Refreshing peaches with a hint of an icy hit!

Heisenberg Ice

Imagine the original Heisenberg… but with an ice finish!