According to the law, products from Vape Cargo can only be purchased and shipped to people over the age of 18. Therefore, we are required to verify the age of all new customers. The guide below explains why age verification is a requirement. For more information, check out the terms and conditions and privacy policy pages. 

Why Is Age Verification Required?

The law is placed to protect minors. It is illegal to sell E-cigarettes or products that deliver nicotine to individuals under the age of 18. To ensure customer safety, age is required when setting up an account or when checking out your order as a guest.

How Does Vape Cargo Verify Age?

For age verification, we use an industry-recognized third party system. The system runs independent checks to verify that you are indeed 18 years or over. These checks are made against your credit record, the UK electoral roll and the birth register. It does not take long, and your age is verified in seconds so that you can proceed with your order at Vape Cargo with ease.  

The Information Required

Age is verified using your complete name, current shipping and billing address and your date of birth. These details are provided when you make an account on our Vape Cargo site. 

What If My Age Cannot Be Verified?

In the case that we are unable to verify your age using the information you have provided, we will ask for further information. It will either be your driver’s license or passport number. 

If this still does not verify, you will be asked to send us a photo of your official ID, which will be checked by one of the team members at Vape Cargo. Rest assured, we DO NOT store a copy of the ID you send to us. 

Your Personal Data Is Safe With Vape Cargo

As we use a third-party verification system, your personal data is never stored or logged. It is only processed at the point of your first purchase. If you create an account on our website, you only have to verify your age once. All future orders will go straight through without requiring repeated age verification. Please read our privacy policy for more information.