Best Vaping Kits to Help You Quit Smoking This Stoptober 2021

It’s that time of the year again! No, we don’t mean Halloween – it’s Stoptober 2021! The post COVID- 19 years have been a unique experience, testing our motivation and patience, but don’t let that get to you! Stoptober 2021 is your time to shine! You can finally kick the smoking habit you’ve been wanting to quit. And what better time to attempt this than Stoptober!

It’s time to put down that cigarette and look after your health. We know quitting is hard and that nicotine withdrawal symptoms come at you at full force, but worry not! Vaping can ease that process for you. Studies show that vaping is highly effective in helping one to quit smoking altogether. Current statistics report that 52.8% of current vapers say that vaping helped them quit smoking. (Vaping in England: 2021).

Before we jump into our list of starter vaping kits, here are a few things to keep in mind:

  1. Nicotine Strength

Depending on how avid of a smoker you are, your nicotine level will vary. We recommend nic-salts (nicotine salts) for new vapers. Nic-salts offer a smooth inhale and a rapid throat hit/nicotine hit when you crave it. If you want a more personal recommendation, contact us, and we’ll sort it out for you.

  • Vaping Kit

You’ll require a kit that’s easy to use and works best for you. For new vapers, we would recommend the new vape pens and pod kits. But if you are attempting to quit smoking, you want something simple to use. Therefore, choosing a pod that requires a single click to put the pod in place and inhale to vape is as easy as it gets.

So without further ado, we rounded up the top-tier vape kits that can help you quit smoking this Stoptober 2021.

Vaporesso Xros Mini

The Vaporesso Xros Mini is a super easy-to-use, no-hassle pod device. It is slim and compact and does not have any buttons. This user-friendly device makes it a favourite and a perfect fit for beginner vapers, individuals attempting to quit smoking or ones looking for an MTL device. The vape requires little setup, all you have to do to get it running is to charge the device, fill the pod and inhale. The Xros mini comes with fixed coil pods, an easy output and requires little to no set-up. Plus, its unique non-slip design makes it comfortable to hold.

Aspire Pockex

The aspire PockeX kit has become a cult favourite amongst the vaping community. It has seen persistent popularity and, for good reason. This simple to use vape kit offers satisfying flavour and has a wide range of coil options (0.6ohm and 1.2ohm coils) giving you the choice to choose between direct to lung and mouth to lung vaping styles. Furthermore, the device offers the best throat hits for an entry-level device, perfect to keep those withdrawal symptoms at bay! It is also one of the reasons for its mass popularity. Another thing we love about this is the easy top refill system to top up your favourite vape juices.


It is one of the most powerful devices in the Nord range. Its 2000mAh battery is one of its best features. It is compatible with both RPM and RPM2 coils, offers a wider wattage range (80W output), and supports MTL and DL vaping styles. Furthermore, you can also adjust your airflow setting, tailoring your air intake and allowing you to easily switch between a tight or loose vape.

Uwell Caliburn G

Want a kit that’s best for flavour? Look no further than the Uwell Caliburn G. An upgrade on the previous Caliburn. It retains its prominence on taste. It has an exceptional battery capacity allowing longer vape hours and, offers a combination of adjustable airflow and replaceable coils according to your vape experience.

Innokin T22 Pro

If we were to rate this vaping kit, it would be a 10/10. Out of all the vaping devices listed, it has the easiest to use design. Its massive battery capacity of 3000mAh makes it available to use at any time and for longer hours. The Innokin T22 Pro is a perfect device for both new vapers and vaping regulars looking for a long-lasting, resilient MTL vape.

Bottom Line

Vape Cargo hopes that after reading this list, you have a better idea of what kind of vape kit suits your needs and requirements! If you’re still stuck on the right bundle for you this Stoptober, you can contact us via our website. You can browse through our Stoptober deals and choose a vape kit that piques your fancy. We have a wide range of devices and e liquids, and there is bound to be one that fits your vaping needs. 

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