Why Stoptober Is an Effective Time to Quit Smoking

Did you know that the average daily smoker can take up to 30 (or more) attempts to quit smoking successfully? That’s how difficult it is. But don’t throw the towel in yet! Stoptober can make your attempt to quit smoking easier.


Because it has proven how effective it is. A simple reason why this campaign is repeated each year is that it has helped countless people quit smoking for good. Every year the Stoptober campaign gathers a community of smokers to attempt to quit smoking. Statistics of previous Stoptober campaigns demonstrate that mass participation increases your chances of success. This article highlights why Stoptober 2021 is the time of the year to take the first steps towards a cigarette-free life.

To be fair, the first few weeks of cessation are the most challenging. It is due to withdrawal symptoms. They manifest as irritability, fatigue, insomnia, and stress.

Due to constant smoking, nicotine receptors in your brain multiply and high doses of nicotine desensitise these receptors. So when we quit smoking, the brain retaliates, encouraging a stronger and more intense demand for nicotine and hence the increased severity of the withdrawal symptoms.

These symptoms eventually subside, but the first month is a challenge. It is where Stoptober comes in. by participating with mass support to quit smoking this entire month. You can start seeing its positive effects. In short, passing the first month in Stoptober makes it easier to continue working towards your goal, even when the Stoptober campaign is over!

Below are five ways why Stoptober is your month to attempt and effectively improve your chances of kicking this habit for good.

1.    An abundance of “quit-smoking” support

As mentioned, quitting is tough. Going cold turkey is even tougher! If you’ve made attempts in the past, you are already aware of how hard it gets to resist cravings. It is why the Stoptober campaign provides smokers with the necessary tools to quit smoking. It starts with advice on products that can help quit smoking (read: vapes), a personalised smoke plan and daily emails to check progress. Likewise, if you’re looking for year-round support, your local stop smoking service can make it four times easier to quit successfully.

2.    A community of smokers attempting to quit smoking

You need all the support when those cravings hit and, quitting alongside others is a great way to provide support. You can ask a friend or family member to join you in the Stoptober campaign or, you can benefit from the Stoptober online community and chat-bot available through the Stoptober website. Sharing your experience with others going through the same thing as you are an excellent source of motivation.

Furthermore, sharing with others that you have attempted to quit will make you more likely to see the attempt through. We believe it’s a great way to stay on track.

3.    Stoptober makes it easy to avoid smoking triggers.

Every year during Stoptober, 16-18% of smokers in the UK attempt to quit smoking. Meaning fewer people are smoking, and there is less temptation. One of the chief triggers for smoking is going to events or engaging in activities where you’re used to smoking. These events and parties can be triggering and lead to smoking relapse.  But as we mentioned above, with fewer people smoking generally, Stoptober makes it easier to manage these triggers. Communicating with a friend to make alternative plans to avoid these trigger situations altogether is also an effective way to avoid a smoking relapse.

4.    28 days is all it takes!

Stoptober’s 28-day claim is backed by research – stopping smoking for 28 days makes you’re five times more likely to quit it altogether.

Stoptober works by breaking down the quitting process into 28 days, making it more manageable. 28 days might seem daunting, but with Stoptober, you get a clear start and end the day. Completing the Stoptober challenge will make you feel more confident and boost your motivation to continue forward with a cigarette-free life or set a bigger challenge for yourself to rid your life of smoke altogether.

5.    Stoptober is effective

Every year, thousands of people in the UK quit with Stoptober. The mass awareness, the community support, the advice on tools and alternative vape kits all work in conduit to help quit smoking, and hence Stoptober works!

Stoptober, since starting in 2012, has encouraged over 1 million quit attempts. The first Stoptober campaign saw over eight thousand people quit smoking permanently. So join the Stoptober challenge with thousands of others like you and make an attempt, a first step, to quit smoking.

Avail the benefits of Stoptober and take your first step towards a smoke-free life. We at Vape Cargo are offering our full support for smokers to quit smoking. Going cold turkey is hard, but vaping can ease that process for you. We offer starter kits that are easy to use for beginners. Our range of e-liquid flavours makes your attempt more stimulating. Check out our website for more vape products and e-juices to suit your needs and help you kick your smoking habit to the curb. 

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