Stop Smoking – Start Vaping this Stoptober

While vaping has become a massive trend among the younger generation, a significant percentage of people turn to vapes to wean off from smoking cigarettes. Trying to quit smoking cold turkey is extremely difficult and has a high chance of a relapse. However, vaping is a less harmful alternative to smoking as it contains only a smidge of the toxins produced from burning tobacco. These products are top-rated, and you can easily buy yourself an e-cig from Vape Cargo.  In this article, we’re highlighting the best ways you can give up the unhealthy habit of smoking using a vape.

A few tips to guarantee a smooth transition from smoking to vaping

Purchase a good vape

The vape market is extensive, with lots of different products to offer. Because of this reason, it can become quite challenging for a newbie to find a half-decent e-cig that perfectly fits their needs. We recommend that you do your thorough research, identify your requirements, read through the reviews of avid vapers, and then select a model to purchase. It is recommended to look for starter vaping kits for smokers.   

Sample a variety of e-liquids

There are millions of e-liquid flavours on the market, so it is best to try out as many e-liquid samples as you can before you settle on the flavour you like the most.  You can purchase an assortment of e-liquid samples from your local vape store and try them out to see which one works the best for you. Many vapers like to go for sweet-tasting flavours, such as bubblegum or strawberry. However, for someone with a history of cigarette smoking, you might want to consider tobacco or mint flavour to get the kick you crave.

Get a simple mod

While a complicated mod may seem cool for a few minutes, it is challenging for a beginner to operate such a device. If you are serious about switching to vapes from cigarettes, we highly recommend that you start with the basics. Once comfortable in the vaping world, you can always upgrade to a much more powerful device.

Take your time

While you might be excited to leave the habit of smoking behind with your new vape, you must respect the process. Vaping is not a quick fix for smoking, and weaning off of cigarettes is a lengthy process.  The best way to begin this journey is by gradually incorporating vaping into your daily life and cutting back one cigarette at a time. Remember to give yourself the time to adjust to vaping before you can completely let go of smoking.

The bottom line

Vaping will enable you to socialise better, spend less, and significantly improve your health. That said, it needs to be kept in mind that while vaping is less harmful than your traditional cigarettes, it is not entirely harmless. For this purpose, we recommend using your vape in moderate amounts and immediately consulting your doctor in case a health problem arises.

If you’re looking to start investing in vaping, visit our website for a complete inventory of products. We offer starter kits for beginners that will get you started on your vape journey. This Stoptober, take the leap and become a part of the vape community! We assure you it will be a life-changing experience!

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